Reasons Your Boyfriend Does Not Want Your Sexually

What are we women, still illogical creatures. It’s quite natural for us to deny a man a closeness, but when we get a refusal it sounds like an insult and has a bad connotation. Not wanting to understand the reasons, we glue on the blessed insulting labels and drop our self-esteem to the cat. But it would be worthwhile to figure out why a man does not want sex? So what do when your husband doesn’t want you sexually?

More recently, it was believed that men, like males, always watch free xxx movies, and only think about sex. And ladies know yourself shy away from marital duties, inventing various causes from critical days to headaches.

Today, the emphasis shifted. And intimacy is increasingly denied by men. According to statistics, 62% of men refuse sex more often than their female companions, and 42% make love only once every two weeks. Such data were obtained during a sociological survey in Britain. But sexual dissatisfaction can cause divorce. What is the matter?


  1. Reason: non-sexaholic workaholics

Tight work schedule, stress, overwork – these are definitely our enemies in any area of ​​life. It is because of them that we do not have enough time and energy for friends, children, and even sex. And why do you think men are an exception? Overwork and stress also affect them and if your man is not just a hired employee, but the owner of his own business.

In this case, work means a lot to him, and he also takes a lot of energy. This is his brainchild and he is responsible for people, even if it is a small business. May for this reason your boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex?

  1. Reason: sex disturbance disease

You might be surprised, but based on sociological research, in Europe one of the most common reasons for reducing sexual attraction in men is taking antidepressants. It turns out that the powerful of this world, feeling on themselves all this everyday yoke of everyday life, are trying to escape from stress with the help of medicines.

  1. Reason: technology spoils sex

Laptops and computers, TVs, tablets and phones, game consoles and other wonders of modern technology today are real eaters of free time. They sat for 5 minutes to check the mail – an hour passed. If your man can’t refuse to check emails or read news on social networks, it means that he has become really addicted to a gadget, and simply forgets that time must be given to other areas of life. And having torn off my head from the screen in the night, of course, I already want to sleep.

  1. Reason: it is you yourself

Yes, the reason that a man reluctantly goes to bed, lingers in the evenings at work and does not seek closeness may be hiding closer than you thought. Moreover, the reason for his “reluctance” can be both excessive sexual activity on the part of a woman and her indifference. This might happen when your boyfriend doesn’t want you sexually.

  1. Reason – sex is, but not here

The reason is a bit like its predecessor, only in a running form. In childhood, all the boys, having played enough with their beloved typewriter (airplane, dump truck, scooter), quickly changed the object of their recent passion for something more intriguing. Boys grow, habits remain. If a man is bored with having sex with one woman, then he changes it for another. Perhaps you do not fall for simple human pleasures for one simple reason – your man has another woman.