What Will You Do When Your Friends Let You Down

Unfortunately, too often it happens that you rely on a friend or girlfriend, trust and trust, and at the most crucial moment you realize that friends or a friend have failed you. It makes the soul hurt and the thought creeps in, why did a friend or girlfriend do it, why and is it possible to repeat it? Lets now see what to do when friends let you down.

Analyzing Happens

First you need to cool down, because you, most likely, after the incident are evil and are not ready to make thoughtful and correct decisions. Take a couple of days to think, this time will calm your anger and frustration. As soon as your fervor has cooled, start thinking about the situation.

Here it is necessary to approach the incident not only from its side, blaming a friend who let you down, but also from a friend, considering why he did it, and maybe you are to blame for what happened. Analyze what happened, taking into account not only the current situation on the day when an unpleasant event occurred, but also think about the past, perhaps past events committed on your part towards a friend or girlfriend led and provoked such an act.

friends let you down

Conducting A Modeling Situation

So what to do if friends fail, and all my thoughts say that only they are to blame? After all, perhaps it was a mistake of a friend or girlfriend, or maybe they failed you, not even suspecting that they did such a nasty thing and, if they knew that it was so unpleasant and serious for you, they would never do that and let you down at the crucial moment. There are such friends who let you down now doubt.

Summing Up The Result

After you have thought over what happened, carried out a modeling situation and came to a decision, never under any circumstances tell your friends who are letting you down that everything is over between you, you also do not need to make a tantrum.

After all, you could be mistaken in your conclusions, and who knows how life will turn out, perhaps those friends who let you down will support you in the future, although there are few chances for that. You need to think like this when friends disappoint you.

friends are unreliable

After your final decision that you don’t need such friends, it’s possible, frankly, without hitting and insulting, to talk with friends who let you down about what happened, express to them your indignation and say that you really hoped for them, and without their help you It is very difficult to overcome the situation in which they let you down. Listen to what they say, think about their words and reinforce or develop your conclusions.

If all your conclusions say that friends are unreliable, and they will let you down in the future, then it’s better not to have more business with such friends. But do not make hysterics, do not shout about your friends, how bad they are, but just stop communicating with them. Shouts and tantrums will show you only from the humiliating side and once again will give a reason for friends to get confidence that they acted correctly in relation to you. And indeed, as we said above, who knows how life will turn out.